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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Be My Valentine 12 Author Hop

I love filling the world with romance, and helping my heroes and heroines to find their happily ever after. If I didn't, I wouldn't be a romance author. There's something a bit magical about romance, don't you think?

I'm not the only one who embraces romance. In honor of Valentine's Day, twelve authors have come together to offer our dear readers a fun opportunity to win signed paperbacks and gift cards.

As you visit each author’s website, collect the featured Hero name from each banner and featured story. You’ll find more instructions and the links to all the author’s pages below.

My hero is Julian. You’ll find him in my book, THE VISCOUNT'S ROSE. You can enjoy a couple free chapters by clicking here.

When Rose Farthingale is saved from the rubble of her pottery workshop, she knows that she must repay this debt to her handsome rescuer by abducting him (at his family’s desperate urging) in order to save him from the clutches of the scheming woman he is presently courting and intending to marry. But Rose never expects to be abducted with him, or to fall in love with him over the course of their captivity.

Viscount Julian Emory is a secret agent of the Crown on an important mission to destroy the spy ring Napoleon has established in London. The woman he’s pretending to court is one of Napoleon’s most important spies, for only she knows the identity of the traitor within the royal inner circle. He’s purposely encouraged the courtship and marriage rumors in the hope she will make a slip and disclose the traitor’s identity, but his meddlesome family has just ruined his plans. By forcing him into close quarters with Rose Farthingale, they've put both his mission and this delectable innocent in danger. Can he keep himself from falling in love with Rose long enough to bring down Napoleon’s spy organization?

If you're new to me, I have an exclusive free book for you to enjoy! 

Thanks for visiting me! Don't forget to hop to the other author's pages and collect their hero's name. You can also click here to watch the video to see all the participating authors. Happy hopping, and Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours.

1:   Elizabeth Rose
2:   Amy Jarecki
3:   Kathryn Le Veque
4:   Barbara Devlin
5:   Anna Markland
6:   Laura Landon
7:   Glynnis Campbell
8:   Julie Johnstone
9:   Anna Campbell
10: Emma Prince
11: Meara Platt
12: Eliza Knight


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