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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Falling Back In Time

I not only love to write historical romances but I love to read them as well. There’s something magical about being transported back in time, into the arms of a brave medieval knight or dashing Regency rogue. These heroes loom larger than life and it takes a very special heroine to capture their alpha male hearts, because the best heroes are always a little arrogant, think they have the upper hand, and believe they will never fall in love. Then they meet the heroine who flashes a smile and stops their strongly beating hearts.

I love historical heroines. They manage to conquer the alpha’s heart while bound by the restrictions placed upon women of their day and accomplish it while beautifully gowned. They succeed when no one believes they can and yet, they remain true to themselves.

When I’m riding home on the commuter train and open up a historical romance, I feel like a time traveler headed to an unknown destination. One day, I might be sailing across a vast ocean in the arms of a pirate captain, and another, I might be entering a grand ballroom dressed in white silk and perhaps some pearls threaded through my upswept dark hair, hoping to catch the eye of a dashing duke. Perhaps that duke will walk me into the garden and kiss me under the moonlight.

Then my trains pulls into the station and I hop off to grab my car and drive home. It might be a beautiful night with a glowing, full moon. Usually it’s cold and windy or raining, but I don’t mind. If it’s awful outside, I’ll curl up on the sofa and continue reading about my duke. Where was I? Oh, yes. He was about to kiss me in the moonlit garden.

What's your favorite thing about historical romance? Share it below! Don't forget to join historical romance authors and readers on Twitter as we #FallBackInTime. You can learn more about why I read historical romance by clicking here.



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