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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rules for Reforming a Rake Excerpts & Release Day Giveaway

Rules for Reforming a Rake is out now! In book 3 of the bestselling Farthingale series, you'll meet Lord Gabriel Dayne and Daisy Farthingale. Can Daisy use Lady Forsythia Haversham's Rules for Reforming a Rake book to tame Gabriel? Or will his rakehell ways prevail?

Enjoy these scenes from Rules for Reforming a Rake!

Excerpt 1:
 “Nonsense, child. I know exactly what must be done to turn you into a worthy adversary for my grandson. I’m going to lend you a book.”
                “A... what?”
                “Not just any book, but a brilliant exposition of warfare between the sexes. It’s called Rules for Reforming a Rake and was written several decades ago by Lady Forsythia Haversham, one of the most respected strategists of her day. Never doubt that these rules still apply.”
                Daisy’s eyes rounded in horror as Eloise continued. “My dear girl, you must look upon each ball, musicale, or soiree as a battle to be engaged, the enemy being the unrepentant bachelor.” She leaned forward and patted Daisy’s hand. “Said bachelor is ever on the alert, his ears pricked and body defensively poised to repel any attack on his freedom.”
                “Lady Forsythia explained all this in a book? Hasn’t she gone through four husbands already?”

                 Eloise nodded. “All of them rakehells until she came along and tamed them.”

Excerpt 2:
      Eloise let out a gasp. “Daisy, look out!”
                “Oof!” She bounced off something solid at the doorway and lost her balance, but was spared the indignity of a fall when a pair of large hands connected to muscled arms reached out and caught her. She found herself locked in the embrace of the gentleman who had earlier rescued Harry, her back pressed against his chest as he drew her against him to steady her. Did all gentlemen have rock-hard chests?
                “We meet again, Miss Farthingale,” he said in a soft, throaty rumble, slowly turning her to face him.
                A crimson rush of heat shot straight into Daisy’s face and fanned across her cheeks. Her heart began to thump erratically within her chest. Oh, great balls of cheese! Up close, the man was even handsomer than she remembered. “Yes, how nice to see you... er... er...”
                He hadn’t mentioned his name, and by the look of him, didn’t seem inclined to tell her. Too bad she hadn’t thought to press Eloise for the information, but it hadn’t seemed important at the time. In any event, knowing his name would somehow make the horror of the encounter worse. He’d no longer be some stranger who had the misfortune to cross her path on the street.
                 She tried to stifle her embarrassment and turn away, but his eyes seemed to exert an invisible force that held her in place. There was something dark and dangerous in their tawny gleam. His lips twitched at the corners, as though he was holding back a laugh or a condescending remark. She knew what he really wanted to say was “you’re a clumsy simple-brain and I’d like you to keep as far away from me as possible.”

Excerpt 3:
“Very well,” he said, filling the doorway with his presence as he climbed in and settled in the seat across from her. “Good evening, dear Daisy.”
                The bright streetlight illuminated his exquisite features.
                Oh, she was doomed to an evening of torment! It wasn’t fair that a man as wicked as Gabriel should look so good. The cut of his formal black coat accentuated his broad shoulders, powerful chest, and trim waist. The light shimmering into the carriage from the street seemed to form a halo about his magnificent gold hair.
                “Good evening, Lord Dayne,” she managed with a pronounced squeak to her voice. Be clever. Be clever. Now is your chance to show him you’re not in the least affected by his presence.
                “Please, call me Gabriel.”
                Unfortunately, he did affect her—she couldn’t overlook the rapid beats of her heart or the butterflies fluttering in her stomach. She stared at his lips as they moved, unable to respond to his question. Wait, had he even asked a question? His lips were as tempting as hot scones slathered in butter. Made her want to sink her mouth on them and lick—stop thinking of slathering Gabriel with anything! Finally she managed an appallingly dim-witted reply. “What?”
                He leaned close and began to speak to her as slowly as one would to a foreigner who did not understand the English language or to a person of limited understanding. “I... said... you... may... call... me... Gabriel.”
                 Ah, this was going to be a very long evening.

You can read more about Gabriel and Daisy in Rules for Reforming a Rake, buy now or download a sample. You can also come hang out with me and other bestselling historical romance authors during the online release day party on June 12th, 2015! Click to see our fabulous line up of authors and to join the bash. 

Giveaway time! If you'd like to win an eBook of Rules for Reforming a Rake, all you have to do is go Like my Facebook page and comment with your favorite excerpt (1, 2, or 3). I'll pick a couple winners next week and announce them on my Facebook page.



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